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Eyebrow Trimmers With Comb

Eyebrow Trimmers With Comb

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Tired of big bushy eyebrows? We have an answer to solve your problem!

This beauty product made for the ladies is an eyebrow trimmer with an attached miniature comb to fine tune and trim up your eyebrows for a nice pristine comfortable look so you can always be at your best presentation for any occasion. Grooming at its finest! Use the comb to brush or scoop up just the amount of hair you want to trim off of your eyebrows so you don’t have to risk accidently taking them completely off then with a quick snip the razor sharp scissor end will get those eyebrows cleaned up nicely with little to no effort at all. This is a very small easy to carry item that you can take with you on the go to get rid of those pesky bushy eyebrows.

  • Lightweight- These trimmers are very small, so they are easy to carry and transport for grooming on the go.
  • Multiple Colors- This product comes in several different colors so you can pick one you like, hey you can even get a collection going!
  • Extra Sharp- No need to worry about making multiple cuts to the same area due to full blades, one swift motion to get rid of it all. 
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