We created Kimpton Fitness and Beyond because we wanted to provide high quality fitness, beauty and health products and beyond that serve a purpose in your life and can help you solve your problems and reach your goals That are primarily health related.

Who are We?- Kimpton Fitness and Beyond is an E-Commerce platform that specializes in fitness equipment and other health and beauty products and so much more. All products serve a purpose or help you reach a goal or solve a problem, being in good health and feeling good about yourself is very important and we strive to help you reach a new level of confidence.

What Are We Selling?- We provide some of the highest quality fitness products, beauty and health products and more at an affordable rate. Products we sell are designed to improve your life, self image and overall self esteem.

Why Are We Selling It?-  We aim to assist you in your mission to create a more quality, long lasting healthy life and to meet any other personal image and health needs.