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Rechargable EMS Muscle Stimulator

Rechargable EMS Muscle Stimulator

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Did you just get a killer workout and are feeling a bit sore? The rechargable EMS muscle stimulator is just the product to ease that pain. 

What is It For?- This muscle ab/glute/back/arm or leg stimulator is designed to contract the muscles to firm, tone tighten and strengthen muscles that can me used pretty much anywhere on the body with surface area, primarily, abdominal area, Glutes, and upper/ lower back. There is a specific pad for each body part as pictured. 

How to Use- Stick the EMS pads on desired body part and push the button and choose between several modes including Scraping, Massage, Acupuncture, Tapping and Combination. 

How Long Should I Use it?- Once per day for 30 minutes after a workout. You can choose the intensity as well. Charge by plugging in the USB which should take 30 minutes for a full charge. 

Flexible and Portable- This product can be stashed away in a gym bag or a carrying case to use on the go. 

Why Should I Choose This?- We have all been sore after a long brutal workout and this is one of the best things on the market help ease your aching muscles. It is quick and easy and feels amazing. Sounds a lot more pleasant than an ice bath huh?  




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