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Silicone Gripster Grip Strengthener Finger Stretcher Hand Grip Trainer

Silicone Gripster Grip Strengthener Finger Stretcher Hand Grip Trainer

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Do you have a weak handshake? Improve your grip strength drastically with this silicone grip strengthener.

This Grip strengthener is a strength training gripping ring designed to exercise and strengthen the muscles in you hand through repitition of the opening and closing movement so you can tighten your grip, ideal for rock climbing, weight lifting, a sturdy handshake to leave a lasting impression and more. Perfect for fine tuning the small muscles. 

  • Silica gel material- This product is nice and easy on the hands, and is very elastic to make the perfect exercise for strengthening your grip.
  • Trains all five fingers- This product has 5 loopholes to fit all of your fingers in so you do not end up with only some strong fingers but all of them. 
  • Lightweight- Extremely compact and lightweight product to use on the go, anywhere you would like. Very easy transportation.
  • Easy to store- This is not a big bulky product that you have to dedicate a lot of space to store, it is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.
  • Adjustable resistance- Choose between 3 different weight resistances to get maximum grip strength. 


Type of sports: Strength Training


Type: Gripping Ring

Training Site: ARMS,Hand

Tensioner classification: Tension rope

Product category: wall pulley

Function: Muscle Reflex Apparatus

Department Name: Unisex

Brand Name: dawndesslo

Applicable scenario: Fitness equipment, fitness body

Applicable objects: general


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