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High Quality Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

High Quality Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

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No one wants that bench pressing bar sliding out of your grip, right?

This is the perfect product for you to prevent that from happening and avoiding serious injury. 

These padded wrist wraps are a high quality polyester material that comes in a multitude of different colors that is sure to fit your liking. Wrap it tightly around your wrists and put your thumb through the loophole for extra support to keep your grip strong and the bar and to prevent a serious accident that everyone wants to avoid. This product provides perfect support for your wrists and fingers to get in the maximum workout. 

  • High Quality- Made of nice coarse, thick polyester material for maximum quality.
  • Many Variations- This product has a wide range of different colors, choose your favorite to look sharp while lifting safe. 
  • Prevents Injury- Dropping a bench pressing bar on yourself is a big fear for a lot of people, drastically lessen your chance if not completely eliminate it with these quality wristwraps. 
  • Thumb Loop- Give your hands the extra support that they need with an extra loophole for your thumb to go in that maximizes your weight lifting experience. 
  • One Size Fits All- One of the great things about these wrist wraps is that whether you are Man, Woman, Adult or Child it will fit your wrist, no more worrying about finding the correct size. It is a universal fit. 



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